Tax Exempt Training (Resellers Certificate)

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The training material included provides a complete breakdown for you to follow to get Tax Exempt within your established business.

We go over all of the details from what Tax Exempt means, what it does and how it will benefit your business. 

Most importantly SAVE you MONEY on Sales Tax! The sales tax is then charged to the end consumer (your buyer) in most instances collected by Ecommerce platforms for you.

Training Includes

- Tax Exempt Training

- Step by Step how to file for tax exemption status with your LLC

- Filing Fees, Maintaining Fees by state

In 2020 my business saved over $10,000 by simply using my tax exemption. This allowed for more opportunities buying & selling. Companies such as Walmart, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, eBay, and many other retailers accept business tax exemptions.

To give you some perspective every $100 I spend on inventory using my tax exemption I save $6.50 this adds up tremendously over-time and throughout the year.

Saving $50+ per day while sourcing is not uncommon. One day of sourcing can pay for this entire training.

Start Saving Today!

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Tax Exempt Training


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Tax Exempt Training (Resellers Certificate)

26 ratings
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